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Reach professionals in dentistry from Flanders

About ConsulTand

Target audience
ConsulTand is published by VBT. VBT is the professional association for dentists in Flanders. The magazine targets everyone from Flanders who is professionally involved, or professionally active within dentistry. ConsulTand is distributed among all dentists from Flanders, dental students that are in their final year of college, stomatologists and among the dental industry. The magazine appears four times a year in an order size of 5.200.

ConsulTand works with a perfect balance between the amount of published ads and editorial content. The target audience reads the magazine from A to Z. The magazine offers strong opinions and innovative ideas which make dentists look forward to receiving the next edition of ConsulTand.

Commercial opportunities

ConsulTand is published by the professional association for dentists (VBT). VBT offers different commercial opportunities in their media. You can advertise in their magazine, newsletter, on their website or you can sponsor an event.

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Advertising in ConsulTand

Advertising in ConsulTand Actueel



Publication/ deadline

Edition 1
27-02-2020 / 31-01-2020
Edition 2
28-05-2020 / 24-04-2020
Edition 3
27-08-2020 / 24-07-2020
Edition 4
26-11-2020 / 23-10-202

ConsulTand Actueel
ConsulTand Actueel appears once a month.

ConsulTand Actueel appears every 1th of the month (possible delay of 4 days).

DeadlineNo later than the 20th of the month previous to the appearance date.


Page bleed
210 x 297 mm + 4 mm for the expiration

Type area
190 x 277 mm

2/1 page
2x 210 x 297 mm + 4 mm for the expiration
1/1 page
210 x 297 mm + 4 mm for the expiration
1/2 page
90 x 277 mm
1/2 page
190 x 133 mm
1/4 page
90 x 133 mm

Digital certified PDF-file, minimum of 300 dpi.
Costs as a result of not print-ready advertising materials will be charged.
ZIP-files can only be delivered through wetransfer.


  • 23-01-2020 and 24-01-2020 Lustrumcongres
  • 19-06-2020
    Scientific day
  • 19-03-2020
    Symposium Practice Management with Verry Van Rossum
  • 14-11-2020
    Symposium: Accidents at work and claims settlement


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