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The biggest magazine for seniors in the Netherlands

Order size of 260.000 copies

Magazine of KBO-PCOB

About Magazine van KBO-PCOB

Magazine van KBO-PCOB is the magazine of the organisation for seniors KBO-PCOB and replaces the magazines Nestor and Perspectief of KBO and PCOB. The magazine is published once a month. Magazine van KBO-PCOB has an order size of 260.000 copies, which makes it the biggest magazine for seniors in the Netherlands. The magazine is distributed to members of KBO-PCOB. 84% always reads the magazine and 1 / 3rd reads the entire magazine from front to back. On average, each copy is being read by 2,7 people. This results in a reach of 702.000 seniors per edition.

Magazine van KBO-PCOB offers information, recognition, inspiration and cosiness. The articles give insight in the importance and meaning of seniors in and for society.

Some facts about the members of KBO-PCOB:

- 48% is female

- 98% is over the age of 60

- Readers mark the magazine with a grade of 7,9

- Distributed through the entire Netherlands

Commercial opportunities

Magazine van KBO-PCOB is published by the biggest organisation for seniors in the Netherlands: KBO-PCOB. Magazine van KBO-PCOB features different commercial opportunities. This way you can reach your audience through different kinds of media.

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Deadline / publication Edition 2 26-01-2021 / 24-12-2020

Edition 3 23-02-2021 / 22-01-2021

Edition 4 23-03-2021 / 19-02-2021

Edition 5 20-04-2021 / 19-03-2021

Edition 6 25-05-2021 / 23-04-2021

Edition 7/8 29-06-2021 / 28-05-2021

Edition 9 24-08-2021 / 23-07-2021

Edition 10 28-09-2021 / 27-08-2021

Edition 11 26-10-2021 / 24-09-2021

Edition 12/1 30-11-2021 / 29-10-2021 Op alle leveringen en diensten zijn de algemene voorwaarden van Dock35 Media B.V. van toepassing. Bekijk de algemene voorwaarden.


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1/2 page 180 x 120 mm

1/2 page 87 x 230 mm

1/4 page 87 x 120 mm Technical specifications Rotation offset


Digital certified PDF-file, minimum of 300 dpi.

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